The Guardian Angel of Health

“Better medicine through iPad mobile computing”
Raphael™ (“Angel of Health”) 
Personal Medical Record (PMR)

Healthcare has taken a front seat in today’s society with a focus on the having more information available for physicians and patients to efficiently maximize the delivery of advanced healthcare. And today another revolutionary device — iPad — is helping physicians and patients deliver its state-of-the-art medical technology and information to physicians and patients worldwide.

“Our mission is to provide the best of health through patient care, research and education to those that we touch”. The Raphael team is working every day to improve the information technology in order to help more patients have maintain clinical information and record their health status. Raphael PMR on the iPad helps patients maintain an updated medical file of critical information that can be communicated with clinicians; it helps your medical histories come to life. You, as the patient can pull up information quickly and use graphics to tell a story in a very outstanding way to demonstrate to yourself a summary of your medical health and to provide your health care provider with all of the essentials. “The plan is to also provide specific information regarding any specific problems that would assist your health care provider to further advance your care!”

Putting the iPad, and eventually the iPhone and other forms of mobile computing directly in the hands of millions of people will empower them to improve their health by maximizing the information given to the their health care provider and permitting more time for their physician to direct attention to their individual concerns and care. Raphael™ Mobile is the ideal platform to present and explain its visionary medical technologies to health care professionals, individual patients, and patient advocacy groups.

“iPad lets us get information to our customers much quicker than we could before,” says Leonard Bielory, M.D., STARx Tech, President and Chief Executive Officer. “On the iPad or iPhone, the information is delivered in a way that encourages people to use it.”

Right information, right time

With iPad, it’s easier than ever to deliver medical innovation to physicians and patients everywhere. “Mobil computing such as the iPad has given us a whole new for individuals to interface with their health care providers,” Bielory says. “It should change the way we think about getting information to our physicians. With iPad, you can transfer the right information, at the right time, for the right customer, every day.”

For Raphael’s IT team, iPad will be an unqualified success story. “iPad helps people think differently and act differently,” says Bielory. “The IT people love it because the general public people love it. iPad is a game-changer in health care.”